Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

The Ministry of Legal Affairs has oversight of the following Agencies or Statutory Bodies: the Legal Aid and Advisory Authority, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, and the Police Complaints Authority. Information on how to access the services of these Agencies will remain available on this website until the Agencies have made other arrangements for keeping their clients informed.


The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) was created with the mandate to adequately evaluate and provide compensation to victims of crime and/or their dependants pursuant to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 1999.


To meet the needs of our clients, the victims of crime or their dependents in Trinidad and Tobago, with respect, compassion, professionalism and efficiency.


To positively improve the lives and circumstances of victims of crime and their dependents in Trinidad and Tobago through the efficient and timely processing of applications for compensation in a compassionate, transparent and equitable manner.

The Secretariat of the Board attends to the daily functioning of the Department by carrying out the administrative and clerical work. Their roles and functions include:

  • Receiving applications for compensation by victims of crime and their dependants.
  • Conducting casework assessments and evaluation of applications on behalf of the Board.
  • Undertaking timely research and investigating all applications for compensation.
  • Maintaining client information and client confidentiality.
  • Advising clients and making referrals when necessary if a client issue cannot be addressed by the Board.

The Secretariat is also responsible for the:

  • Maintenance of all financial records related to the award of compensation to victims and/or their dependants and the operations of the CICB and its administrative department
  • Preparation and production of financial records in accordance with the established and approved accounting practices.
  • Ensuring that all records are kept in accordance with the Financial Regulations contained within the Exchequer and Audit Act Chap. 69:01

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